1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions

No matter if somebody is interpreting, conversing, or writing, having a robust vocabulary is necessary. This e-book is the easiest perform to enhance vocabulary talents, and to prevail on assessments resembling the Verbal part of the SAT or the GRE. This thoroughly revised workbook has perform for all sorts of try questions, comparable to sentence crowning glory, analyzing comprehension, analogies, and discovering misspelled phrases. moreover, each query has a whole resolution rationalization so readers can research from their error.

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Implant : infuse :: inculcate : ________ a. falsify a. call for b. disappear b. instill c. invade c. transplant d. absolve d. ponder 351. ostracize : banish :: final result : ________ 357. foreboding : premonition :: qualm : a. fact ________ b. repercussion a. conviction c. ritual b. insurance d. restitution c. warrantly d. misgiving 352. churlish : surly :: steadfast : ________ a. sly 358. milieu : setting :: tradition : ________ b. assertive a. graduation c. shy b. departure d. resolute c. customs d. dismay 353. oblique : forthright :: unashamed : ________ 359. downcast : jaunty :: despondent : ________ a. evasive a. reticent b. deceitful b. taciturn c. abashed c. jubilant d. indifferent d. indomitable 354. superlative : abysmal :: atrocious : ________ 360. enumerate : cite :: put out of your mind : ________ a. pallid a. forget about b. haggard b. include c. sharp c. record d. noble d. dossier three nine –A N A L O G I E S – 361. flashy : garish :: gaudy : ________ 367. novice : beginner :: consultant : ________ a. subtle a. competition b. muted b. proxy c. tawdry c. writer d. subdued d. thinker 362. traitor : deserter :: renegade : ________ 368. skyrocket : plummet :: scale down : ________ a. diehard a. withdraw b. motive force b. retreat c. loyalist c. increase d. rebel d. keep watch over 363. etiquette : protocol :: statute : ________ 369. excitable : stoical :: thrilled : ________ a. decree a. rankled b. advertising b. restrained c. modicum c. restricted d. contradiction d. entertained 364. famous : conspicuous :: gaunt : 370. mendicant : vagabond :: scavenger : ________ ________ a. haggard a. scout b. elated b. recipient c. ostentatious c. forager d. established d. explorer 365. outlandish : conservative :: reserved : 371. friendship : amity :: enmity : ________ ________ a. companionship a. modest b. camaraderie b. garrulous c. chaos c. appeased d. animosity d. failed 372. indiscernible : perceptible :: incalculable : 366. trust : doctrine :: hesitation : ________ ________ a. desecration a. actual b. communique b. infinitesimal c. vacillation c. critical d. transportation d. solemn four zero –A N A L O G I E S – 373. veritable : genuine :: specious : ________ 379. pert : vigorous :: impudent : ________ a. sanctimonious a. insolent b. overdone b. gloomy c. fake c. morose d. roomy d. sullen 374. anxiousness : trepidation :: lethargy : ________ 380. local : international :: general : ________ a. energy a. regimen b. mutuality b. unique c. empathy c. usual d. lassitude d. mundane 375. absorbed : engrossed :: bored : ________ 381. compassionate : insensitive :: immodest : a. unrealistic ________ b. inured a. disarming c. excluded b. pretentious d. stultified c. modest d. unassuming 376. involvement : aloofness :: clumsiness : ________ 382. attribute : characteristic :: component : a. finesse ________ b. indecision a. part c. authority b. recipe d. awkwardness c. vegetarian d. formulation 377. incoherent : articulate :: fluent : ________ a. eloquent 383. capricious : whimsical :: sensible : ________ b.

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