City of the Spider Queen (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting)

A Forgotten Realms superadventure that ties into R.A. Salvatore's warfare of the Spider Queen novel series.

This is the 1st event produced for the Forgotten Realms surroundings because the Forgotten geographical regions crusade Setting sourcebook used to be published in the summertime of 2001. Designed to take characters from center to excessive degrees of play, this event ties in on to occasions happening in R.A. Salvatore's battle of the Spider Queen novel series.

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More desirable seize (Ex): the enormous whip scorpion has a grapple bonus of +9. Poison Spray (Ex): thrice an afternoon, an immense whip scorpion can the established order of this drow urban underneath the excessive Moor depends upon an uneasy truce between 3 non secular factions: the fans of Ghaunadaur, Vhaeraun, and Lolth. while one facet confirmed its weak point, the opposite have been speedy to exploit that weak point, and the Lolth faction is all yet exterminated. Her priestesses lie slain, their fans both killed or enslaved. The western plateau of the nine Underdark Campaigns Kiaransalee. more and more, fallen priestesses of Lolth are emerging as revenants and escalating the clash. The men who run town in all yet identify nonetheless frown at the worship of the Revenancer, yet don't take something close to the stairs that may were taken earlier than Lolth’s silence to seek them down and exterminate them. urban, as soon as managed by way of the Lolth faction, lies in ruins nonetheless contested by means of the opposite factions. very similar to Maerimydra, it's a battle sector, and conflict erupts each time gangs or better-organized strike groups from the rest factions should still occur to satisfy. The strife extends into the outer edges of the 2 different domain names in addition. With either Ghaunadaur and Vhaeraun taking an energetic curiosity in occasions in Eryndlyn, Kiaransalee’s cult has been not able to discover a foothold during this urban. Her cult hasn't ever numbered greater than a tiny handful of outlaw drow in Eryndlyn, regardless of what's really an strange volume of spiritual freedom within the urban: With 3 robust factions vying for regulate, few drow are keen to again a fourth get together like Kiaransalee’s vulnerable cult. Sshamath situated lower than the a ways Hills, Sshamath is a teeming drow city governed no longer by means of the clerics of Lolth, yet by means of male wizards who spearhead the city’s broad exchange in magic goods. ordinarily, the clerics of Lolth have held secondary positions of strength in the neighborhood, yet with their abrupt lack of magical energy they discovered themselves solid down from their positions and changed through different wizards and by means of clerics who hold their spellcasting ability—including a number of clerics of Kiaransalee. The Revenancer’s curiosity in magic (particularly necromantic magic) has earned her clerics the honor of Sshamath’s ruling wizards, they usually now stand along clerics of Vhaeraun and Ghaunadaur as minor urban officers. regardless of a small temple now status overtly within the mist of the town, in spite of the fact that, the Revenancer couldn't desire to complete as a lot in Sshamath as she has within the ruins of Maerimydra. The Weave disruption created via Irae T’sarran’s paintings in Maerimydra could by no means cross neglected in a urban of wizards, or even evil wizards be interested in on the grounds that the Weave continues to be uncorrupted. accordingly, her plans in Sshamath exist on a smaller scale. Her excessive priestess, Chaulga Feth, is quietly gathering a small undead military in education for Irae T’sarran’s eventual march from the Dalelands westward, whilst the nice Revenance is entire. Guallidurth The drow of this urban underneath the Calim wasteland have consistently attempted to stick to the desire of Lolth—so a lot so, that the town has been in a continuing kingdom of civil conflict, carved up between sects that vehemently dispute precisely what the Spider Queen’s will is.

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