Collins Junior Illustrated English Dictionary (2nd Edition)

By HarperCollins

Optimised for color pills. the photographs during this publication are usually not appropriate for viewing on black and white e-ink units. for kids elderly 6 and over, Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary includes complete sentence definitions, color headwords and child-friendly instance sentences, besides attractive vibrant illustrations and images. Collins Junior Illustrated Dictionary has been in particular written to help the desires of kids elderly 6 to eight. It introduces key dictionary positive aspects corresponding to elements of speech (noun, verb, adjective or adverb) and different kinds of a note, for instance plurals or earlier annoying of a verb. The transparent and spacious format and color headwords make sure that the dictionary is child-friendly. vibrant, vibrant illustrations and pictures help language studying and make it enjoyable. complete sentence definitions and instance sentences exhibit the headword utilized in a context standard to childrens. The Collins observe Wizard complement offers additional support with vocabulary through...

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Album albums NOUN An album is a ebook that you simply positioned such things as stamps or images in. alien extraterrestrial beings NOUN In technology fiction, an alien is a creature from outer house. alight ADJECTIVE If whatever is alight, it really is burning. alike ADJECTIVE If or extra issues are alike, they're a similar in a roundabout way. alive ADJECTIVE If an individual, animal or plant is alive, they're residing now. all ADJECTIVE you assert all in the event you suggest the complete of a specific staff or factor. positioned all of your toys away. Allah NOUN Allah is the Muslim identify for God. hypersensitive reaction bronchial asthma NOUN when you've got an allergic reaction to anything, it makes you unwell. Tom has an allergic reaction to nuts, so he must never consume them. alley alleys NOUN An alley is a slender course with constructions or partitions on either side. alligator alligators NOUN An alligator is a reptile. it really is of an identical kinfolk as a crocodile, yet smaller. See Reptiles on web page 264 alliteration NOUN Alliteration is using phrases shut jointly which commence with an identical sound, for instance “hundreds of big bushy horses”. let permits, permitting, allowed VERB If a person permits you to do whatever, they allow you to do it. very well ADJECTIVE  1 If an individual is alright, they're good or secure. See if the baby’s very well. INTERJECTION  2 you assert alright if you happen to comply with anything. nearly ADVERB virtually capability just about, yet now not really. He tripped and nearly fell. on my own ADJECTIVE while you are by myself, there's no one with you. alongside PREPOSITION if you happen to move alongside anything, you progress in the direction of the top of it. aloud ADVERB if you happen to learn anything aloud, you learn it in order that humans can listen you. alphabet alphabets NOUN An alphabet is all of the letters used to put in writing phrases, written in a distinct order. alphabetical ADJECTIVE Alphabetical capability prepared within the order of the letters of the alphabet. She learn out the names at the check in in alphabetical order. already ADVERB when you have performed whatever already, you probably did it prior. additionally ADVERB you are saying additionally in case you are looking to upload to whatever you have got simply acknowledged. adjust alters, changing, altered VERB if you adjust whatever, you modify it not directly. exchange alternates, alternating, alternated VERB while issues exchange, they often take place one by one. He alternates among being pleasant and fully ignoring me. even if CONJUNCTION you are saying even though should you anticipated whatever varied. even if my dad was once move, he nonetheless gave me my pocket funds. altogether ADVERB in case you say there are various issues altogether, you're counting them all. I’ve picked 4 apples and you’ve picked , so that’s six altogether. aluminium NOUN Aluminium is a mild, silver-coloured steel. it truly is used for making rolls of foil and boxes like cans and pie dishes. continually ADVERB  1 in case you continuously do anything, you do it at any time when. He consistently places his issues away whilst he has used them. ADVERB  2 If anything has continuously been so, it's been that manner continually. they've got continually been reliable buddies. a. m. ADVERB a. m. is the time among hour of darkness and midday. i am getting up at 7 a.

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