Everything You Know About English Is Wrong

I do not understand how else to inform you this...everything you recognize approximately English is wrong.

"If you're keen on language and the unvarnished fact, you will love every thing you recognize approximately English is inaccurate. you should have enjoyable simply because his energetic, comedic, skeptical voice will converse to you from the pages of his word-bethumped book."
-Richard Lederer, writer of Anguished English, Get Thee to a Punnery, and notice Wizard

Now that you simply be aware of, it is time to, good, chunk the mum tongue. William Brohaugh, former editor of Writer's Digest, could be your travel advisor in this pleasant trip during the English language, stating all of the misconceptions approximately our wonderful-and splendidly confusing-native tongue. Tackling phrases, letters, grammar and ideas, no sacred cow continues to be untipped as Brohaugh unearths such interesting and irreverent shockers as:

- for those who figuratively climb the partitions, you're agitated/frustrated/crazy. when you actually climb the partitions, you're Spiderman.

- "Biting the mum Tongue": English doesn't come from England.

- The observe "queue" is the poster baby of an English spelling rule so dominant we will name it a dominatrix rule: "U needs to stick to Q! Slave!"

- loads of our vocabulary comes from the classical languages-clearly, Greece, and never Grease, is the be aware, is the be aware, is the word.

-Emoticons: disagreeable punctuational predictions

"Better plotted than a word list, extra riveting than a glossary, extra filmable than a Harry Potter index-and that is simply Brohaugh's footsnorts... Imean, feetsnotes...umfeetsneets?...good gravy I'mglad I'mjust a cartoonist."
-John Caldwell, one in every of Mad magazine's ordinary Gang of Idiots

This ebook promises you will by no means examine the English language an analogous method again-if you write, learn or converse it, it simply ain't attainable to dwell with no this tell-all consultant. ("Ain't," by the way, isn't a nasty word.)

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There’s stream to interchange B. C. /A. D. with B. C. E. /C. E. , abbreviating “Before the typical Era/Common period” on the way to eliminate particular Christian reference. this is often erroneous from a linguistic viewpoint. remember that I’ve been utilizing this area to inform you five simply because sukoshi potential “few,” possibly there’s room for a Sake Lite—see “Light/Lite, Night/Nite” on web page 156 to determine what that’s all approximately. 5:06 PM web page 12 EverythingYouKnowAboutEnglish_int. qxp:Between You _ I internals. qxd every little thing you recognize approximately English is incorrect 4/2/08 5:06 PM thirteen that every little thing you recognize a few. D. is inaccurate, simply because folks etymology has led humans to misread the abbreviation. To the computer crowd, I say, pass ahead—substitute one other abbreviation, with a purpose to in flip be misinterpreted, most probably utilizing the very C be aware you’re attempting to substitute. actually, I contend that B. C. E. may be quite often misinterpreted as “Before the Christian Era,” and C. E. because the “Christian period” by way of prior organization with the word “Before Christ”—a designation used for plenty of centuries A. D. and/or C. E. now. That reference is much better hidden within the not-so-easily interpretable A. D. hence, you'll accomplish the perfect contrary of the computer aim. And all that implies additional paintings for me. most likely I’ll need to replace destiny versions of this ebook to provide an explanation for that C. E. stands for “Common period” and never “Christian Era,” in an essay I’ll most probably name “PCE: within the 12 months of the typical mistakes. ” woman girl is expounded to male simply via marriage. The be aware girl is a diminutive, the way in which that novelette is a diminutive of novel—it is a shorter novel. lady isn't really a diminutive of male, although women are typically shorter than men, that is a tragic comic story and that i express regret. girl finally comes from a diminutive of the Latin notice femina—in Latin, femella intended “little woman,” and it got here to English via French as femelle. So lady readers don’t believe slighted, the note male additionally comes from a Latin source—mas—and the diminutive masculus, which means “little man,” which finally got here to us via outdated French as male. as the notion of femelle is so heavily on the topic of that of male (related yet contrary, as you have got noticed), we begun changing web page thirteen EverythingYouKnowAboutEnglish_int. qxp:Between You _ I internals. qxd 14 4/2/08 invoice Brohaugh the spelling of femelle to coincide with the spelling of male. no longer mind-blowing, really. simply extra facts that opposites allure. OUTRAGE there is not any rage in outrage. when you have been to inform me that i used to be outdoors the norm, past moderation, extravagant, and surprisingly dressed, i might be outraged! And I’d most likely accept as true with you. yet whether I didn’t agree, I wouldn’t inevitably be offended approximately your declare. you notice, while the note outrage and its derivatives got here to us in heart English from outdated French, it had not anything to do with rage in any respect. so that you can see what I suggest, let’s break up the notice into syllables. Out-rage. correct? Wrong—at least while the be aware began. Let’s go back one of many unique letters to the observe and check out that break up back: outre-age.

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