Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English

* Over 350 tables and graphs exhibit the frequency of structures in numerous contexts, from dialog to fiction to educational prose * fullyyt corpus-based with 6000 genuine examples from the forty million-word Longman Spoken and Written English Corpus * indicates the explanations why we decide a selected constitution in a selected context * Compares British and American spoken and written English components lined contain simple grammar: description and distribution, key note sessions and their words and complicated buildings. each one zone is subdivided into extra exact content material.

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B ~ CONV) E 6 This jnishes at six fifty <6. 50>. So you are gonna need to have in mind the oven is going out at six jfteen <6. 15>. ( c o ~ v ) B Dates The be aware day isn't really ordinarily integrated with the ordinal quantity selecting it, and the specification of the date is usually as particular as is needed within the context. as a result, no 12 months is pointed out in 1, and the century is unspecified in four. 1 Any time among June and July the 9th <9 July> then. ( c o ~ v ) 2 at the fourth of July thousand and nineteen <4 July, 2019> (CONV) three In nineteen seventy-nine <1979> an strange - phenomenon occurred. (CONV) E Decimals, probabilities, fractions Decimals after the purpose are spoken as a chain of digits, no longer a complete quantity. for instance, one won't ordinarily pay attention 4 element thirty--cf. four and examples in F. instance three is detailed in that the reference is to a amount of cash. 1 Pointfive <. five> of a quart is a pint. ( c o ~ v t ) 2 it is nought element 5 <0. 5>. ( c o ~ v ) three he is acquired this different stuff in there, a few promotional designated provide one aspect seventy-nine <£ 1. seventy nine> for a litre. ( c o ~ v t ) four 4 aspect 3 zero <4. 30>, ok. ( c o ~ v ) five David Jones the executive economist of Nat West financial institution expects output to upward push by means of in simple terms element six percentage <. 6%> this 12 months. ( c o ~ v ) 6 Then it truly is happening one other <. . . > 3 quarters of a percentage <3/, %>. ( C O N V ~ ) F Mathematical expressions those may well comprise phrases for mathematics operations similar to andlplusladd for addition, minusltake awuylsubtruct for subtraction, timeslmultiplied through for multiplication, overldivided by way of for d$ision and islmakeslequals for equation. Twenty-two aspect 8 plus twenty element 4 8 minus forty-seven element six 8 <22. 28 + 20. forty eight - forty seven. 68>. ( c o ~ v t ) Fifteen upload fifteen is thirty upload one is thirty-one four A: You er abandoned in October did not you? B: October thirty-two four. e. 1932>. ( c o ~ v ) C foreign money usually the phrases for the forex devices (pounds, pencelp; cash, cents) are passed over as predictable. this can be specifically so whilst sums of cash related to sizes of unit are being particular: either are absent in 2, four, and one in 1. distinction instance three. 1 you could have one participant and it bills fortyfour pound ninety-nine &44. 99>. ( B ~ C EO N V ~ ) 2 A: it is 3 ten <£3. 10> is not it, did not you are saying? B: 3 jfly <£3. 50>. ( B ~ CONV) E three and so they may be yours for only one hundred and 49 money <$149. 00> ( A ~CONV) E four I advised him i needed 5 fifty <$5. 50> an hour. ( A ~cEo ~ v ) The singular shape pound in 1 is colloquial; kilos would typically be thought of usual. evaluate additionally the expression in instance three in E lower than. D Temperature back the phrases for devices and scales of temperature can be absent, while the speaker feels this data is shared already with the hearer-wholly in instance 1, in part in 2. 1 The e m wind kick back issue is twenty-two <22"> lower than. ( c o ~ v t ) 2 it is ten levels - ten above 0 . ( c o w t ) three the 3 Hundred membership is for those who have a, performed a South Pole Streak F;om sauna, thousand, oh two'hundred levels fahrenheit <2000 .

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