McGraw-Hill's American Idioms Dictionary

By Richard A. Spears

Form up your English with millions of idioms

Whether you're a learner of English who's having hassle knowing expressions in daily speech or a local speaker who desires to extend your written or spoken variety, you wish a entire reference for idioms, universal words, and sayings of yankee English. McGraw-Hill's American Idioms Dictionary exhibits you the ropes of English and is helping you:

Expand your English-speaking skills with those 14,000-plus expressions, proverbs, and customary sayings, indexed alphabetically
Use American idioms competently by means of following the various important examples
Easily locate the correct word via considered one of its key words
Some examples of the colourful English language, as spoken through Americans:

at peace comfy and happy

every trick within the e-book each misleading strategy known

Johnny-on-the-spot somebody who's within the correct position on the correct time

make a killing to have an outstanding luck, in particular in making money

nine-to-five activity a role with basic sunlight hours hours

scream bloody homicide to bitch bitterly

take a powder to go away; to go away city

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Blow itself out Fig. [for a hurricane or a tantrum] to lose power and forestall; to subside. (Fixed order. ) ultimately, the typhoon blew itself out. blow one’s lid visit blow a fuse. blow one’s strains visit fluff one’s strains. blow (one’s) lunch AND lose one’s lunch; blow one’s cookies; blow one’s groceries Sl. to vomit. I nearly misplaced my lunch, I ran so challenging. i needed to blow my lunch, that’s how rotten I felt. He received carsick and blew his cookies all around the entrance seat. blow so’s brain 1. Sl. to disturb or distract; to spoil the functionality of one’s mind. It was once a bad event. It approximately blew my brain. 2. Sl. to weigh down an individual; to excite an individual. It used to be so attractive, it approximately blew my brain. blow one’s nostril to expel mucus and different fabric from the nostril utilizing air strain from the lungs. invoice blew his nostril into his handkerchief. blow off 1. [for whatever] to be carried off whatever via relocating air. The leaves of the bushes blew off within the robust wind. 2. [for a valve or pressure-maintaining equipment] to be pressured off or away through excessive strain. the protection valve blew off and all of the strain escaped. The valve blew off, creating a loud pop. three. Fig. [for a person] to develop into indignant; to lose one’s mood. (Fig. on . ) I simply had to blow off. Sorry for the outburst. four. Sl. to goof off; to waste time; to procrastinate. You blow off an excessive amount of. cool down and get to paintings. five. Sl. a time-waster; a goof-off. (Usually blow-off. ) Get busy. I don’t pay blow-offs round right here. 6. Sl. whatever that may be performed simply or with out a lot attempt. (Usually blow-off. ) Oh, that's only a blow-off. not anything to it. The try used to be easy—a blow-off. 7. AND blow so/sth off†Sl. to disregard an individual or whatever; to pass an appointment with an individual; not to attend anything the place one is anticipated. He made up our minds to sleep in and blow this classification off. It wasn’t good for you to only blow off an previous good friend how you did. eight. AND blow so off† Sl. to disregard a person so that it will finish a romantic or different dating. She knew that he had blown her off while he didn’t even name her for a month. nine. Sl. the ultimate insult; an occasion that motives a dispute. (Usually blow-off. ) The blow-off used to be a decision from a few woman named Lulu who requested for Snookums. 10. Sl. a dispute; a controversy. (Usually blow-off. ) there has been a huge blow-off within the place of work this day. blow so/sth off† visit past. blow off (some) steam visit permit off (some) steam. Blow on it! Sl. Cool it! ; Take it effortless! It’s okay, Tom. Blow on it! blow so out Sl. to kill a person, particularly with gunshots. (Fixed order. ) Lefty got down to blow Max out as soon as and for all. blow so/sth out of the water Fig. to break totally a person or anything, resembling a plan. (Fig. on a torpedo or different weapon impressive a boat and inflicting a very good explosion that makes items of the send fly out of the water. ) The boss blew the total inspiration out of the water. blow over Fig. [for whatever] to decrease; to subside. (As with a typhoon or a mood tantrum. ) Her reveal of mood eventually blew over. The hurricane will blow over quickly, i'm hoping. blow so over† Fig. to shock or astound an individual.

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