Ntc's Dictionary of Everyday American English Expressions: Presented According t

Bargains greater than seven thousand American English expressions divided into eighteen sections, together with banking wishes, speaking own emotions, and getting a job.
Title: NTC's Dictionary of daily American English Expressions
Author: Spears, Richard A./ Birner, Betty J./ Kleinedler, Steven Racek
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication Date: 1995/02/01
Number of Pages:
Binding sort: PAPERBACK
Library of Congress: 95139741

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Casual) inform it to me like a guy. (informal) provide it to me instantly. (informal) immediately = unadorned supply it to me in undeniable English. simple English = uncomplicated and direct phrases Don’t beat round the bush. (idiomatic) cease beating round the bush. (idiomatic) cease circumventing the problem. positioned your playing cards at the desk. (idiomatic) cease talking in circles. What does that suggest in English? (informal) lower the crap. (mildly vulgar) crap = dung = pointless speak forty eight Noting digressions in a talk That’s irrelevant. That’s beside the query. That’s now not at factor. That’s now not the difficulty. That’s beside the point. That has not anything to do with it. That has not anything to do with what I’m conversing approximately. That’s one other tale. That’s a complete ’nother tale. (folksy) That’s a unique ball of wax. (idiomatic) ball of wax = factor; topic That’s a unique kettle of fish. (idiomatic) kettle of fish = factor; topic That’s one other can of worms. (idiomatic) can of worms = set of difficulties That’s a horse of a distinct colour. (idiomatic) a horse of a special colour = a distinct type of challenge altogether You’re off on a tangent. You’re getting off the topic. As you have been asserting … Getting again to the purpose … yet I digress. (formal) forty nine Repeating what you will have stated enable me repeat myself. permit me to copy myself. (formal) As I’ve acknowledged … As i'm keen on announcing … To reiterate … to copy … what percentage instances do i must inform you? If I’ve advised you as soon as, I’ve informed you one thousand occasions. (cliché) If I’ve stated it as soon as, I’ve stated it 1000000 occasions. (cliché) 50 while an individual is being repetitious so that you stated. cease beating a useless horse. beating a lifeless horse = carrying on with to argue some extent that has been gained cease harping on that topic. harping on = living on; speaking approximately You sound like a damaged list. (idiomatic) damaged list = a grooved LP album with a scratch that makes an analogous music repeat without end do you have to belabor the purpose? very well, already. We get the purpose, already. We heard you, already. fifty one Agreeing with a speaker So it kind of feels. So it's going to appear. Or so it should look. because it have been. in an effort to communicate. In a way of conversing. fifty two solutions to “How did you discover out? ” I heard it throughout the grapevine. the grapevine = a sequence of rumors I heard it at the grapevine. a bit chicken instructed me. (cliché) i've got my resources. I acquired it instantly from the horse’s mouth. (idiomatic) from the horse’s mouth = from the resource It’s universal wisdom. we are living in a fishbowl. (informal) = we're thoroughly on show. ; we're overtly noticeable to every person. note travels speedy. (cliché) information travels speedy. (cliché) undesirable information travels speedy. (cliché) None of your enterprise. (informal) simply by no means (you) brain. we now have our methods (of discovering these items out). (jocular) I plead the 5th. (informal) the 5th = the 5th modification to the U. S. structure, which protects opposed to self-incrimination I’m now not one to kiss and inform. (cliché) to kiss and inform = to do whatever mystery and inform each person approximately it MAKING neighbors fifty three Expressing friendship We’re very shut.

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