Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English

By Eric Partridge

This dictionary offers the origins of a few 20,000 goods from the fashionable English vocabulary, discussing them in teams that clarify the connections among phrases derived by means of a number of routes from initially universal inventory. in addition to giving the solutions to questions on the derivation of person phrases, it's a interesting e-book to flick through, due to the fact each web page issues out hyperlinks with different entries. you possibly can pursue such trails because the longer articles are written as non-stop prose sincerely divided up by way of numbered paragraphs and subheadings, and there's a cautious method of cross-references. as well as the most A-Z directory, there are broad lists of prefixes, suffixes, and parts utilized in the production of latest vocabulary.

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However, I tentatively suggest ‘(land of) mountain climbing waters’ (waterfalls and fiords)—L scandere, to climb. aquiline Origins one hundred thirty . See EAGLE. Arab; highway arab; arabesque; Arabia (Araby), Arabian; Arabic; Arabis; Arabist; Mozarab, Mozarabic. 1. The Ar ‘Arab, whence Gr Araps, L Arabs, then Arabus, whence L, consequently E, Arabia (unless L Arabia represents Gr Arabia), whence the F Arabie (whence poetic E Araby),— the Ar ‘Arab may possibly represent ‘nomad(s)’; pern corresponding to H ‘arābāh, steppe, ‘Arab however prob derives from the Ass pl Arabu (or Aribi), itself perh ‘Men of the grasp Race’ (cf Ass arbob, a guy of excessive position). 2. E Arab comes, through EF-F Arabe, from L Arabus; and road arab, an outcast, esp boy, arises from the varied Arab owners in E Medit ports. three. The Gr adj Arabikos (from Araps), L Arabicus, MF arable (EF-F arabique), yields E Arabic, adj, for this reason n; whence, with -ian for -ic, Arabian, adj for that reason n. The It arabesco (adj, accordingly n), from Arabo (L Arabus), an Arab, turned EF-F arabesque, followed by means of E: Arabic paintings overjoyed in complicated styles and floral designs. F arabiste grew to become E Arabist. four. The rock cress arabis prob potential ‘Arabian (plant)’—from the Gr adj Arabis, Arabian—because it grows in dry areas. five. Mozarab (or Mazarab), whence Mozarabic, represents Sp Mózarabe, from Ar musta‘rib, a would-be Arab. arable : (perh through MF-F, from) L arābilis, from arāre (s ar-), to plough. arachnid , arachnoid. See the point arachno-. Aramaean and Aramaic anglicize (adj suffixes -an, -ic) L Aramaeus: Gr Aramaios: Aram, H Arām, ‘signifying probably Highland, a reputation given to Syria and top Mesopotamia’ (Webster). A-Z 131 arbalest . See ARC, para four, and BALL, n. arbiter ; arbitrage, arbitral, arbitrament; arbitrary; arbitrate, arbitration, arbitrative, arbitrator. 1. The starting-point for the gang rests in L arbiter, witness, arbitrator, pass judgement on, consequently grasp (cf arbiter elegantiarum, a pass judgement on of elegancies, therefore an expert on stable taste), itself o. o. o: cf the Umbrian arputrati, by means of arbitrage; Webster proposes ar- for advert, to+the r of baetere, betere, bitere (s baet-, bet-, bit-), to go—cf Gr bainein, whence the c/f -batēs (s bat-), person who is going. 2. L derivatives of arbiter suitable to E contain: LL arbitrālis, adj, whence, perh through MF-F, the E arbitral (suffix -al); LL arbitrārius, whence arbitrary (suffix -ary, adj), cf MF-F arbitraire; arbitrāri, to come to a decision, pp arbitrātus, whence ‘to arbitrate’; consequently: LL arbitrātiō, a call, o/s arbitrātiōn-, whence, prob through MF, the E arbitration; LL arbitrātor, f arbitrātrix, likewise outfitted upon arbitrāt-, the s of the pp arbitrātus: either followed by way of E. three. From F phrases no longer of imm L beginning have come: arbitrage (suffix -age), followed from MF-F, from F arbitre: cf the infrequent ML arbitrāgium; arbitrament (cf -ment), tailored from MF-EF arbitrement: cf the infrequent ML arbitrāmentum. four. completely E are: arbitrable, from the clumsier, extra logical arbitratable, from arbitrate; arbitrational, from E arbitration; arbitrative, which=arbitrate+suffix -ive; as though from ML *arbitrātivus.

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