Roget's Super Thesaurus

By Marc McCutcheon

Roget's tremendous Thesaurus is a perennial favourite between writers, and this most up-to-date version has greater than 1,000 new and extended entries. This timesaving reference can help you discover the suitable synonym or antonym to provide your writing precision and colour. From aback to zydeco, you will find the precise be aware you need.

Easy to take advantage of and finished in content material, Roget's large word list contains those specified features:

  • reverse dictionary
  • sample sentences
  • enlightening quotes
  • more that 400,000 synonyms and antonyms

the following time that elusive, just-right be aware or word is at the tip of your tongue, achieve for Roget's large Thesaurus. With extra beneficial properties than the other notice reference, it truly is is a must have for each writer's desk!

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Rustic, yokel, *hillbilly, *hick, *hayseed. micro organism n. microorganisms, germs, microbes, pathogens, *bugs, bacilli, virus, microscopic brokers, streptococci, streptobacilli. undesirable a. 1. lower than general insufficient, bad, *lousy, *crappy, substandard, unacceptable, lousy, defective, unsatisfactory, *cheesy, slipshod, poor, inferior, lower than par, valueless, shoddy. 2. depraved immoral, evil, corrupt, vile, sinful, demonic, satanic, diabolical, mischievous, suggest. “All that proceeds from weak point. ”—Friedrich Nietzsche. three. spoiled rotten, putrid, decayed, tainted, moldy. four. disagreeable destructive, unlucky, poor, revolting, lousy, dreadful, unpleasant, terrible, distressing, dire, tragic, adverse. five. critical strong, harmful, critical, harmful, grave, terrible. 6. improper misguided, misguided. 7. sorry low, down, distressed, , gloomy, depression, depressed, remorseful. ant. 1. very good, solid, stronger. 2. ethical, reliable, virtuous. three. clean, preserved. four. friendly, favorable, strong. five. risk free, trivial, mild. 6. right, exact. 7. sturdy, proud, wonderful. undesirable blood n. demanding emotions, enmity, hostility, bitterness, resentment, unwell will, malevolence, hatred, venom, unfriendliness. ant. friendliness, solid will, amity. undesirable breath n. halitosis, *dragon breath. badge n. 1. logo, protect, medal, medallion, insignia, image, signal. badger v. trouble, nag, harass, pester, trojan horse, needle, difficulty, plague, hound, annoy, galvanize, peeve, *ride. badlands n. wilderness, eroded land, wasteland, *devil’s yard, *devil’s sandbox, barren land. badly adv. inadequately, poorly, unacceptably, abominably, enormously, unsatisfactorily, deficiently, slipshod, under par, unsuitable, ineptly, extraordinarily. ant. excellently, completely, fantastically. baffle v. 1. confuse perplex, litter, stump, confound, throw, befuddle, daze, delude, combine up, puzzle. 2. thwart prevent, money, foil, hinder, hamper, bar, frustrate. baffling a. inscrutable, puzzling. ant. explainable, decipherable. bag n. sack, pouch, pack, satchel, tote, carryall, haversack, gunny-bag, duffel, valise, suitcase, portmanteau, briefcase. bag v. snare, seize, seize, take, catch, kill, grab. backbite v. slander, malign, *backstab, defame, vilify, gossip, smear, *badmouth, *dump on, *tell stories out of faculty. spine n. 1. backbone spinal column, vertebrae. 2. beginning mainstay, foundation. three. braveness power, personality, mettle, *guts, grit, spunk, fortitude, pluck, get to the bottom of. ant. three. timidity, cowardice, spinelessness. backbreaking a. strenuous, laborious, taxing, onerous, crippling, crushing, bankrupting, arduous. ant. gentle, effortless, *child’s play. go into reverse v. provide in, collapse, concede, put up, *wimp out, acquiesce, give up. ant. carry one’s floor, stand enterprise. backer n. supporter, sponsor, promoter, booster, underwriter, angel, financer, suggest, benefactor, client, investor. backfire v. explode, file, discharge, growth, bang, pop, misfire, move awry, flop, opposite, blow up in one’s face, boomerang, miscarry, *bomb. ant. *go off with out a hitch, paintings. heritage n. 1. distance backdrop, horizon, offing. 2. event upbringing, setting, grounding, kinfolk, prior, schooling, situations.

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