The BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English: Your guide to collocations and grammar.

By Morton Benson

Converse and write excellent English!

• BBI teaches you ways to mix phrases with phrases to shape words (so you could say “
mortgaged to the hilt; I want anything badly”). • BBI additionally teaches you the way to mix phrases into constructions to shape clauses and sentences (so you could say “I
want you to go = What I want is for you to go”). • So BBI is helping you with either vocabulary and grammar.
• BBI exhibits you very important vocabulary and grammatical adjustments among American and British English.
• BBI grants lots of examples which can function types on your personal use of English.
• a few of these examples are actual quotations from works of yankee and British literature.

This 3rd variation of the BBI Combinatory Dictionary of English is an increased and up-to-date model of the 1st version (1986) and its Revised version (1997), either one of which have been favorably acquired. during this 3rd version, the contents of the BBI were elevated via over 20%.
In the choice and presentation of latest fabric, many assets were used, including:
• net searches;
• The British nationwide Corpus;
• interpreting and hearing English-language fabric;
• For Grammatical styles:
A finished Grammar of the English Language (Randolph Quirck et al.); • For Collocations: Lists of Lexical services (compiled by means of Igor Mel’cuk et al.).

The BBI has been “highly instructed” by way of the English-Speaking Union.
Using the BBI: A workbook with exercises is now on hand on-line at:

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We obtained their ~ to proceed our learn) eleven. on ~ (we received it on ~) 12. (misc. ) a roar of ~ ; to get, obtain smb. ’s seal, stamp of ~ (see additionally approval score at ranking) approve v. 1. to ~ wholeheartedly 2. (D ; intr. ) to ~ of (we ~d of his determination) approximate v. (BE) (D ; intr. ) (“to come near”) to ~ to (to ~ to the reality) utilization NOTE : AE might have – we approximated the reality. approximation n. to offer, make a primary, tough ~ (of, to) apropos adv. ~ of (I have a few questions ~ of your final remark) utilization NOTE : Apropos can be a preposition – i've got a few questions apropos your final remark. apt adj. (cannot stand by myself) ~ to + inf. (he is ~ to magnify) flair n. 1. to illustrate, reveal, exhibit (an) ~ 2. (a) nice, outstanding ; inborn, innate, natural ; unique ~ three. mechanical ; scholastic ~ four. an ~ for, in (an ~ for portray) arbitrate v. (D ; intr. ) to ~ between, among (to supply to ~ among the opponents) arbitration n. 1. to conduct ; provide ~ 2. to head to ; lodge to ~ (the union and administration went to ~ ; the dispute went to ~) three. to take to ~ four. binding ; voluntary ~ five. ~ between ; of 6. (misc. ) the dispute among the union and administration was once taken to ~ and settled by ~ arbitrator n. 1. to nominate an ~ 2. a central authority ~ three. an ~ among arcade n. an enjoyment (BE) ; penny ; videogame ~ arch n. 1. a triumphal ~ 2. via, lower than an ~ structure n. 1. classical ; modern, glossy ~ 2. Baroque ; Byzantine ; Colonial ; Georgian ; Gothic ; Greek ; Modern ; Renaissance ; Roman ; Romanesque ; vernacular ~ ardor, passion n. 1. to illustrate, exhibit ~ 2. to chill, hose down smb. ’s ~ three. fervent, intense ; patriotic ~ four. ~ for sector n. [“space”] 1. to shut off, rope off, seal off an ~ 2. a metropolitan, urban ; rural ~ three. a built-up ; catchment ; residential ; surface ; surrounding ~ four. a no-smoking ; service ; garage ~ five. a disaster ; distressed ~ 6. an meeting, staging ~ 7. an impacted (AE) (“crowded with federal employees”) ~ eight. (soccer) a penalty ~ nine. (meteorology) a high-pressure ; low-pressure ~ 10. (misc. ) a grey (“unclear”) ~ eleven. in ; into an ~ (a urban increasing into the encompassing ~) [“subject, field”] 12. a growth ; arguable, challenge ~ (AI is a huge progress ~ at present ; stemcell study is an issue ~) thirteen. (misc. ) an ~ of curiosity (my crucial ~ of curiosity is AI) enviornment n. 1. a activities ~ 2. the international ; political ~ (to input the political ~) debatable adj. 1. ~ that + clause (it is ~ that a few unemployment is critical) 2. (misc. ) it’s ~ simply how a lot unemployment is important argue v. 1. to ~ bitterly, heatedly, passionately, strenuously, vehemently 2. to ~ lightly, logically, plausibly, sensibly three. (D ; intr. ) to ~ approximately, over ; with (we ~d with them in regards to the new legislations) four. (d ; intr. ) to ~ against ; for, in want of (to ~ opposed to the amendment ; to ~ for the hot coverage) five. (d ; tr. ) to ~ out of (to ~ smb. out of doing smt. ) 6. (L) she ~d logically that the hot rules might damage the bad 7. (misc. ) to ~ from a place of power argument n. [“dispute”] 1.

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