The Milky Way and Beyond: Stars, Nebulae, and Other Galaxies (An Explorer's Guide to the Universe)

Offers details at the homes and behaviour of the spiral galaxy often called the Milky manner discusses the starting place and evolution of stars, nebulae, and different galaxies and provides an historic survey of the research of galaxies.
Title: The Milky approach and Beyond
Author: Gregersen, Erik (EDT)
Publisher: Rosen Pub Group
Publication Date: 2009/12/20
Number of Pages: 218
Binding sort: LIBRARY
Library of Congress: 2009037980

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Nice RIFT the nice Rift is a fancy of darkish nebulae that turns out to divide the brilliant clouds of the Milky manner Galaxy lengthwise via approximately one-third in their quantity. From the constellation Cygnus, the rift reaches via Aquila and Sagittarius, the place the centre of the Galaxy lies hidden in the back of it, to Centaurus. The clouds of darkish fabric making up the nice Rift are numerous thousand light-years from the Earth. GUM NEBULA the biggest identified emission nebula by way of angular diameter as noticeable from Earth is the Gum Nebula, which extends approximately 35° within the southern constellations Puppis and Vela. a posh of diffuse, gleaming fuel too faint to be noticeable with the unaided eye, it used to be stumbled on by means of the Australian-born astrophysicist Colin S. Gum, who released his findings in 1955. The Gum Nebula lies approximately 1,000 light-years from Earth and is set 1,000 light-years in diameter. it can be the remnant of an historical supernova—i. e. , violently exploding megastar. HORSEHEAD NEBULA The Horsehead Nebula (catalog quantity IC 434) is an H II quarter within the constellation Orion. The nebula includes a cloud of ionized gasoline lit from inside of by means of younger, sizzling stars; a dismal cloud containing interstellar dirt lies instantly in entrance. The dirt absorbs the sunshine from a part of the ionized cloud. A element of this darkish cloud has a form a little comparable to a horse’s head. The nebula is found four hundred parsecs (1,300 light-years) from the sunlight. It has a diameter of roughly four parsecs (13 light-years) and a complete mass of approximately 250 sun lots. LAGOON NEBULA The Lagoon Nebula (catalog numbers NGC 6523 and M8) is an H II quarter situated within the constellation Sagittarius at 1,250 parsecs (4,080 light-years) from the sun approach. The nebula is a cloud of interstellar gasoline and mud nearly 10 parsecs (33 light-years) in diameter. a gaggle of younger, scorching stars within the cloud ionize the close by gasoline. because the atoms within the gasoline recombine, they produce the sunshine emitted by way of the nebula. Interstellar dirt in the nebula absorbs a few of this mild and looks nearly to divide the nebula, therefore generating a lagoonlike form. NORTH AMERICAN NEBULA The North American Nebula (NGC 7000) is an ionized-hydrogen area within the constellation Cygnus. The nebula is a cloud of interstellar fuel ionized from inside by means of younger, scorching stars. Interstellar airborne dirt and dust debris partially of this cloud take in the sunshine emitted through recombining atoms. the form of the nebula approximately resembles that of North the US, with the dusty quarter being formed just like the Gulf of Mexico. The North American Nebula is nearly 520 parsecs (1,700 light-years) from the sunlight. It has a diameter of approximately 30 parsecs (100 light-years) and a complete mass equivalent to approximately 4,000 sunlight plenty. Lagoon Nebula (M8, NGC 6523) within the constellation Sagittarius. This brilliant diffuse nebula is so huge that mild from the celebs concerned doesn't penetrate its barriers, and the brilliant nebula seems to be visible opposed to a bigger, darker one. Palomar Observatory; picture © California Institute of know-how 1961 ORION NEBULA the intense diffuse Orion Nebula is faintly seen to the unaided eye within the sword of the hunter’s determine within the constellation Orion.

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