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Forty four) 1 on; 2 off; three in; four lower than; eight over; nine up; 10 above five via; 6 under; 7 at; m 1 2 three four ExaJtLSix. ate-9Y.. : half 2 Collocations (p. forty five) iced up their blood pulling your leg strike fortunate melted (John's) center five 6 7 eight made a fortune take aspects name (George's) bluff catches my eye 1 most likely real; 2 most likely precise; three most likely precise; four most likely real m (p. forty seven> scholars may still underline the subsequent: 1 i've got the gTeatest Tespect fOT the univeTsity and its 800 yeaTs of tiTeless highbrow toil 2 it sort of feels to me that after a nation's industTial pTOwess has plunged so low that it really is Teliant on KOTean fiTms fOT its futuTe financial secuTity, ... three a tad indulgent in a countTy with thTee million unemployed and whose final gTeat invention used to be eat's eyes? four yet i need to confess that i am no longer entiTely cleaT what it is fOT, now that BTitain no 10ngeT wishes colonial administratoTs who can quip in Latin. m (p. forty seven> 1 A; 2 C m Phrasal verbs with run (p. forty five) 1 bumped into; 2 operating down; three run over; four bumped into; five ran off; 6 ran off with; 7 run out of; eight ran acrosslinto Latin - challenging labour? (p. forty eight) 1 B; 2 D Early stories writer of textual content: (p. forty nine) Cl Lee, Laurie (1914-1997) English poet and writer. informed in a village tuition in Stroud, Gloucestershire. His travels in lots of components of the realm are the topic of a lot of his writing. he's greatly acclaimed for his evocation of his rural early life in his autobiographical novel 'Cider with Rosie'. Prepositions (p. fifty five) 1 on; 2 to; three via; four on; five at; 6 on; 7 in; eight on; nine in; 10 by way of o Phrasal verbs with fall (p. fifty five) 1 falling over; 2 fell for; three fell out; four fell in the back of; five fell via; 6 fall in with; 7 fell on; eight did not fall for; nine fell approximately; 10 fell aside Chewing gum (p. 50> five C; 6 B the recent instruct (p. fifty one) 7 D; eight B )/ocabuJary, develQPJJJeJJ! (pp. 52-55J rJ comparable 1 2 three four five a a a a a m m phrases (p. fifty two) expelled; degree; cramming; trial; matters; b b b b b suspended measure revise pageant topics related yet varied (p. fifty two) 1 emit; 2 discharged; three imbue; 6 extolled; 7 stay clear of; eight undertake g Adjective four instil; five rebuffed; and noun collocations (p. fifty three) 1 not easy; 2 thorough; three damaged; five lasting; 6 formative (p. fifty six) which = numerous key applied sciences this wonder of technology = digital fact this = someplace totally different one = a spot ones = goggles them = advanced initiatives those = digital fact cockpits them = pilots the latter = the sufferers this sphere = the sector of digital truth know-how m (p. fifty seven> 1 B; 2 D; three C; four A four incorrigible; m Expressions to explain humans (p. fifty three) o Expressions with 1 nosey; 2 crammed; three clever; four stay; five armchair; 6 delicate; 7 fair-weather; eight rainy 1 2 three four five run (p. fifty three) ran him to ground/earth run away with the idea/notion runs counter to My blood ran chilly have been working rebel D phrases hooked up with gentle and water (p. fifty four) mild: gleam, glint, glow, sparkle, twinkle, wink Water: drip, gush, pour, spill, sprinkle, trickle [is comparable yet diverse (p. fifty four) 1 thorough; 2 assuming; three placed; four past due; five assisting out; 6 chorus; 7 shouted; eight depending on; nine incentive; 10 provision )Locabulary-!

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