Your Ticket to the Universe: A Guide to Exploring the Cosmos

By Kimberly K. Arcand, Megan Watzke

An pleasing and available journey to the main attention-grabbing stops within the cosmos. observed by means of dramatic visuals, Your price ticket to the Universe is a hybrid coffee-table e-book and box guide.

Beginning with our domestic planet, Your price tag to the Universe embarks on an pleasing and obtainable journey to the main attention-grabbing stops identified within the cosmos. find out about gadgets within sight inside of our sunlight approach (our yard in house, so as to converse) in addition to wonders which are came upon in the course of the Milky method galaxy and past (the such a lot far away and unique lands to explore). observed through significant photos that convey the interpreting adventure to bright, rapid existence, Your price ticket to the Universe is designed to create space exploration available to each person. Your price ticket to the Universe outlines the necessities an individual must recognize, whereas piquing the reader's interest to profit extra.

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Three; place in the Milky method, 6. 1, 6. 2, 6. three, 6. four, 6. five, 7. 1 area exploration: the way forward for, three. 1; with probes, 1. 1, four. 1, four. 2; checks on the earth for, 1. 2, 1. three, 1. four house study. see astronomy; physics; area exploration starbursts, 7. 1, 7. 2 superstar clusters, five. 1; globular (see globular clusters); NGC 3603, five. 2; open, five. three; Pleiades, four. 1; R136, five. four stars, five. 1. see additionally solar; age of, eight. 1, nine. 1; Alnilam, five. 2; Alnitak, five. three; Antares, five. four; delivery, five. five, 6. 1, 6. 2, 7. 1, 7. 2, 7. three, 7. four, 7. five; Cepheids, 6. three; category, five. 6; better half, five. 7, five. eight, 6. four; results of planets, three. 1; Eta Carinae, five. nine; explosion (see supernova remnants; supernovas); teams (see constel- lations; superstar clusters); existence cycle, five. 10, five. eleven, five. 12; Mintaka, five. thirteen; neutron, five. 14, five. 15, 6. five; quantity within the Milky approach, five. sixteen; previous stars, five. 17; assessment, five. 18; Polaris (north star), five. 19; Proxima Centauri, three. 2, five. 20; pink colossal, five. 21, five. 22, five. 23; taking pictures, four. 1; variable, 6. 6; white dwarf, five. 24, five. 25 storms: Earth, 2. 1; Jupiter, four. 1, four. 2; sunlight, three. 1, three. 2, three. three sunlight, three. 1; type, five. 1; comets passing just about, 2. 1; distance from the Earth, three. 2, three. three, five. 2; eclipse, three. four; formation, three. five; gases at the, three. 6, three. 7, three. eight; lifestyles phases, five. three, five. four, five. five, five. 6; prominences, three. nine; sun flares, three. 10, three. eleven; sun greatest, three. 12; sun storms, three. thirteen, three. 14, three. 15; sunspots, three. sixteen; used to degree distance, three. 17; climate, three. 18 sunrises, col6. 1, three. 1, three. 2 sunsets, 2. 1, four. 1 supernova remnants: Cassiopeia A, five. 1; Cat’s Eye, five. 2; EO102-72. three, five. three; G292. 0+1. eight, five. four; Kepler, five. five; N132D, five. 6; in our Milky manner, 6. 1; Tycho’s, five. 7 supernovas, five. 1. see additionally supernova remnants; brightness, eight. 1; parts from, five. 2, 7. 1; inside of galaxies, 7. 2, 7. three, 7. four; IC 443, five. three T tail, of a comet, four. 1, four. 2, four. three telescopes, land-based: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, eight. 1; in Chile, 7. 1, eight. 2; of Galileo, four. 1; Gemini Observatory, four. 2; Hubble area Telescope, four. three, five. 1, eight. three, eight. four; Kitt height nationwide Observatory, five. 2; Magellan Telescope, eight. five; radio, 6. 1; Sloan electronic Sky Survey, 7. 2 telescopes, satellite tv for pc: Chandra X-ray Observatory, 2. 1; James Webb area Telescope, nine. 1; sun and Heliospheric Observatory, three. 1, three. 2; sunlight Dynamics Observatory, three. three; Spitzer house Telescope, five. 1, 6. 1, 6. 2, 7. 1; distinct services, 2. 2, three. four tides, three. 1, four. 1 transits, three. 1, three. 2 U Universe: age of the, eight. 1, nine. 1, nine. 2; starting, sizeable Bang, eight. 2, nine. three; collisions on each scale, eight. three; distance on a cosmic scale, three. 1, five. 1, five. 2; evolution of the, eight. four, eight. five, nine. four; farthest photograph of, nine. five; trip during the, eight. 6; percentage darkish power, nine. 6; percentage darkish topic, nine. 7; percentage common subject, nine. eight; percentage nonetheless unknown, itr. 1, nine. nine Uranus, four. 1, four. 2, four. three, four. four V Venus, three. 1, four. 1, four. 2, four. three volcanoes: Earth, 1. 1, 1. 2, 7. 1; Io, four. 1, four. 2; Mars, four. three, four. four; Venus, four. five W water or ice: comet, four. 1; Earth, 1. 1, 1. 2, 2. 1, four. 2; Enceladus, four. three; Europa, four. four, four. five; as incentive for exploration, 1. three, three. 1; Mars, 1. four, four. 6, four. 7, four. eight; Neptune, four. nine; Saturn, four. 10; Venus, four. eleven climate: Earth, 2. 1, 2. 2; Jupiter, four.

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